About Natawon


My hope is to help guide and provide perspectives for anyone looking to take a risk to start their own side hustle, brand, projects, agency, or business in Bangkok, Thailand.

Join my journey as I reveal information and the behind-the-scenes thought patterns that goes in taking risks, making sacrifices, overcoming challenges, dealing with people, and staying positive as: I build a digital marketing agency (Facebook (Meta) and Google Services), I become a luxury real estate consultant in Bangkok and Phuket (hotels, resorts, houses, condos and apartments), and I learn the process of e-commerces and how to sell products in a Thailand marketplace (Shopee).

 See the Invisible, Feel the Intangible, & Achieve the Impossible.

The past ten years I’ve focused on developing myself as an entrepreneur. I’ve lead teams, managed a pre-revenue scaling startup, consulted other pre-revenue startups, and worked with multiple venture capitals and angel investors in Southeast Asia.

I founded and manage a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok, Thailand called Cotactic Media. In 2016, was one of the toughest years of my life. I was unemployed and was spending quality time with my mother before she passed in August.  After my mom had passed, I was given a second chance at life.  I was invited to work with an investment group that I made a strong friendship with while I was raising funds on my previous startup, Dipify. It that was said to be one of the most promising startups in 2013-2014 in Southeast Asia.

Prior to Dipify, I had ran the largest singles’ events company in Canada. I created and implemented a hospitality “host” system that proactively encouraged singles to have real life interaction and to find common ground with others based on shared activities.

I am a committed and self-motivated person with strong work ethics, presentation skills, organizational skills, communication skills, networking skills, social media knowledge and a solid understanding of group dynamics.

I welcome new opportunities to work with other like-minded entrepreneurs and organizations that foster creative work environments with passionate positive people.

Specialties: My strongest characteristics are in fundraising, hospitality, business development, operations, social media marketing, customer relationship management, networking and event planning.

A good collaboration starts with a conversation.