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A buyers advocate or buyers agent offers various types of services such as:

Searching and gathering properties that meet your criteria and then negotiating the purchase of that chosen property. Depending on your needs, a buyer’s agent may search for one particular property or an entire portfolio, or they can negotiate a better price for you.

An off-market property is a condo, apartment, townhouse or home that has yet to be advertised to the public and is not yet ‘on the market’.

Strengthen your long term financial position by acquiring assets that will appreciate over time. Invest in an asset that you will have a product that will be in demand as long as people need a place to rest their heads.

Buyers agents and Buyers advocates are regulated real estate professionals who act on behalf of the property buyer.

My purpose is to research, find and negotiate a perfect property for you as my client.

This is as opposed to a real estate agent who has a contract with the seller and therefore has their best interests at heart. A buyer’s agent will always negotiate in favour of you, the client.

Currently, my buying service in Bangkok only is free.

For your information, most buyer’s agent’s fees starts at one per cent and move up depending on the service type the client wants.

Whether you are relocating to Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Hua Hin for the first time, returning from years overseas, or looking to invest in the Bangkok property market, Pattaya property market, Phuket property market, or Hua Hin property market, my services are designed to make the process as seamless as possible.

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